How to avoid free advertising with the Auckland Council

Free advertising is one of the most common problems for auckland councils, according to a survey conducted by the Auckland District Council and the New Zealand Advertising Standards Authority.

The survey, conducted by KCTMO and the Auckland Marketing and Branding Council, found a large majority of respondents (73%) believed free advertising was illegal and should not be permitted.

The survey found 70% of respondents believed it should be banned outright.

The Auckland Council is not alone in having problems with free advertising.

The Advertising Standards Board of New Zealand also reported that more than two thirds of respondents thought free advertising should be prohibited.

Auckland Councils response to the survey suggests that it has not gone down without a fight, with the councils Chief Marketing Officer, Matt O’Brien, saying free advertising is unacceptable and should be stopped.

O’Brien said the council was working to ensure the council does not allow free advertising, and the council is working with the advertising industry to improve the advertising policies around free advertising for the benefit of consumers.

He said the free advertising issue was a major concern for the council and would be addressed in the next council meeting.

The council’s response to KCTMEQ says free advertising in the council’s public spaces is not allowed and should only be allowed in approved public areas.KCTME Q says free promotion of goods and services is allowed in designated areas.

O”The Council’s policy on free promotion in its public spaces remains that it is prohibited.

Free promotion of services in public spaces can only be done within approved public spaces, which can be in designated area areas.

This includes but is not limited to advertising, promotions and banners, public meetings, and banners in designated spaces.”