Facebook to use ad tech startup to create advertising template, says CEO

Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been working with AdSense, an ad tech company, to create a template for free advertising on Facebook, according to an email from a company representative.

Zuckerberg said that AdSense is looking to “create a platform that can be used by Facebook to build a personalized ads experience that will enable our users to easily find relevant ads,” according to the email.

The company is developing a template that would allow advertisers to place an ad on a user’s timeline and then place a generic ad on the page to display on the right side of the page.

Zuckerberg has previously described AdSense as “one of the leading publishers on Facebook and we are excited to partner with them in creating a personalized advertising experience that we can leverage to drive more organic traffic to our sites.”

AdSense’s template, which was shared on Tuesday, would allow a site to make the following ads on Facebook: banner ads (including “Featured,” “Share,” “Liked,” and “Shared”), product ads (with an “Expanded” box), and sponsored ads (which can be placed in a different color or size).

It would also allow a page to offer more personalized content such as videos, images, and radio buttons, according the email from AdSense.

Zuckerberg also indicated that Adsense is “working with Facebook to ensure that the ad platform that Facebook creates is accessible to our users.”

The email, sent on February 20, stated that AdWords has “reached a point in our product development where we have a significant amount of content that we need to test to ensure we can be able to offer advertisers a seamless and relevant experience.”

AdWords is one of the largest advertising platforms on the web.

It offers thousands of ad products and services for companies, including brands and organizations, that advertise on Facebook.

The AdWords platform includes a number of tools that advertisers can use to customize their ads and also offer customized advertising.

The platform also includes a platform for advertisers to post ads, called the AdWords Partner Ad Program, which enables advertisers to advertise on the platform and also to link to their own ad campaigns.

Facebook recently announced that it had purchased the ad tech platform AdSense in an $8 billion deal.

The announcement was announced in January, though Zuckerberg did not mention the deal during a call with reporters at the time.

Zuckerberg told reporters in January that the AdSense acquisition was a big “game-changer” for the company.

“We have an incredible opportunity to continue to grow our business and make AdSense a sustainable revenue stream for Facebook,” Zuckerberg said.

“It means we have access to AdWords partners that are making advertising very profitable for us.”

Advertisers interested in using AdSense can register on the Adwords Partner Ad program, which costs $20 a month.

Facebook’s partnership with Adsense could also open up a whole new market for advertisers.

Advertiser-run sites are still largely viewed as a niche, and AdSense and other ad tech companies like PageFair and AdMob have been accused of abusing their power by taking money from Facebook users to pay for ads that don’t necessarily work.

Facebook is also exploring the use of ad tech for video ads.

Facebook has experimented with ad tech in the past, such as creating a YouTube ad that allowed users to play a video, then placing a video ad on their timeline to appear on the bottom of their video feed.

Facebook also experimented with a video advertising service called Flixster that allowed people to upload videos of their favorite bands.

Flixsters videos had a unique feature that allowed viewers to view and rate the quality of the videos.

Zuckerberg declined to discuss any of these features during his February 20 call with journalists.

Facebook previously partnered with Google in creating an ad platform called AdMob that lets people post videos, photos, and music on Facebook for free.

Zuckerberg, however, did not indicate how much AdMob would cost Facebook.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

AdMob is expected to be the first paid ad platform to roll out in the United States.

Facebook launched a program in 2014 called Adsense Plus, which allows advertisers to pay publishers for the placement of their ads on their site.

Facebook said in October that it plans to use AdSense Plus to offer advertising on its social network, but has not yet released an official price for AdSense advertising.

AdSense has been around for years, but its growth has slowed as more companies use it to monetize their content and services.

AdWords’ growth has been driven by growing interest in ad technology from the likes of Google, Facebook, and Amazon.