Cruz slams GOP ad against GOP candidate

Sen. Ted Cruz on Tuesday slammed the Republican National Committee for running an ad in Texas attacking him for not releasing his tax returns, calling it a “totally dishonest attack” on the senator.

“This is a totally dishonest attack on the Senator from Texas.

I’ve made it clear that I will not release my tax returns,” Cruz said during a news conference at the Capitol.

Cruz’s campaign has not released any details about the ad.

The ad features an image of Cruz holding up his hands with his thumbs down.

It accuses him of not releasing tax returns for the past five years, when he was president of Texas and was considered a potential 2016 presidential contender.

“If he’s not releasing any more tax returns than he has, that would be a breach of his oath of office,” Cruz told reporters.

Cruz, a 2016 Republican presidential candidate, is running for Senate in Texas against state Treasurer Dan Patrick.

Patrick is running as an independent in the primary.

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Cruz said the ad is not representative of the senator and he will not defend his decision to not release his tax return, which he has said would shed light on his finances.

“I don’t think we should be making this kind of statement.

I have been the most transparent person in this state,” Cruz added.

“And I will make no apologies about it.”

Earlier in the day, Texas Republicans released a video that showed the senator talking about how his wife, Heidi Cruz, was the primary sponsor of his 2010 health care law.

The video shows Cruz saying, “The fact is, she is the main person who helped pass the health care reform law.”

Cruz said in the video that he is not endorsing his wife’s candidacy and the video does not appear to be from the senator’s campaign.

In Texas, the GOP has run more than 2,000 television ads since the 2016 election, but Cruz’s campaign and the state Republican Party have largely ignored the attacks on his wife.

Cruz has faced attacks from his rivals in the 2016 Republican primary over the issue of whether he would release his taxes if elected president.

Republican Texas Rep. John Carter and former state Rep. Wendy Davis have accused Cruz of hiding his income from the IRS.

The Texas Tribune and USA Today reported last week that a top aide to the state’s Republican party had been trying to get Cruz to release his income.

In March, Cruz said his family had received $2.6 million from the Texas Healthcare Foundation, which had given $3.5 million to Cruz’s Senate campaign.

The foundation is registered to a Texas couple, not a corporation, and the money went to Cruz and his wife during the first year of the health law.