What is the Future of Free Ads?

In its latest bid to change the way people see ads, Google has released a report that predicts that free advertising will dominate the advertising landscape by 2040.

The study by research firm Kantar Worldpanel (KW) predicts that by 2045, 75% of ad spending will be done by companies that pay for ads and 15% by companies without ads.

The free ads will account for 40% of the ads in the market, and the remaining 20% will be made up of ads paid for by advertisers or partners. 

The report says that the majority of the free advertising is already on the way, with Google predicting that free ads could make up more than half of the overall ad spending market by 2055.

In terms of content, the report predicts that ads will be dominated by a mix of social media and search.

In the past, Google and Facebook have been accused of abusing the ad space by creating artificially inflated impressions for free.

The company has since moved to a strategy of monetizing the ads and has rolled out a new “ad-friendly” platform that gives users the ability to opt out of ads by opting out of their Facebook, Google or Twitter profiles. 

KW’s findings come after a year in which Google has seen its advertising revenues plummet to historic lows, with the company’s revenue falling by $20 billion over the past year.

Google is trying to fix the ad-sales problem by building a free ad-serving platform for Google+ and by using its own ads and search algorithms to make its ads more relevant.

Google+ has long been a source of criticism, with critics claiming that the platform’s ad-free nature has hurt Google’s business.