A bird advertises free online bird hunting

The bird advertised for in the ad is the “Hoodie” which advertises its free online hunting service.

It says it is the ideal hunting companion for those looking for a “sportive and playful” experience.

The ad also includes the hashtag #HoodiesFree, which the bird has since deleted from its Facebook page.

It appears the ad has been pulled because of “tensions” on social media.

The caption says it “promotes an active lifestyle”.

Free bird advertising in the UK is not illegal and can be carried out without a licence.

In 2014, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the practice was legal in the US and that the practice is allowed under the terms of the Official Rules for the Official Wild Birds Regulations (OWB) 2016.

A free bird advertisement has been removed from the Birds of Prey Facebook page after the ad was brought to the attention of the ASA.

The group’s chief executive Paul Allen said it was an “unacceptable use of our brand” and said the group was “reviewing the matter”.

He said he was disappointed the ad had been taken down.