Canadian startup is buying $100M in Australian patents

Posted October 07, 2018 06:15:25 The tech startup Axios is planning to acquire $100 million worth of Australian patents, its founder said Thursday, in a move that could create a huge impact on the American and Canadian patent landscape.

Axios plans to invest the cash in Canadian startups, with a view to buying more patents in the coming years, Tim Schilling said in an interview with Axios’ chief business officer John Varela.

“We want to do more of this in Canada, so that the Canadian economy is able to grow as well,” he said.

“This will allow us to do what we’ve always wanted to do, and create a strong Canadian presence in the technology space.”

Axios said it has already signed a deal to acquire more than 30 patents from Australian companies including Acacia, Amiga, Apple, ARM, Avid, Bally, Byte, Calibre, Cisco, Corel, Digital Equipment, Fujitsu, IBM, IBM Watson, Kenwood, Kaby Lake, LSI, Matrox, M-Cura, Moore, Novell, Pivotal, Quanta, Redwood, Qualcomm, Revell, Samsung, SGI, Spark, TechPower, Tesla, Verint, Vertex, Virtus, Xilinx, XSensors, Yantras and Zynq.

Axioms chief executive and founder, Tim Schepke, told the Axios website the company plans to sell its patents in Canada.

“A big part of our business is patent licensing,” he added.

“The acquisition of the patents is the first step towards creating a Canadian presence for the technology in our business.”

Axios is looking to buy up to 20 patents, which include those from Australian startups such as Acacia.

Schilling added that Axioes business model relies on having access to technology in the Canadian market.

“If we can’t sell to the American market, we’re not going to be able to sell to other countries,” he told Axios.

“And when you look at the cost of developing, you have to be prepared to sell all of your IP to get the money back, so it’s not a free ride.”

It is going to help us build the Canadian patent ecosystem,” Schilling told Axiies website.

“So, we really believe that our IP will be there to support our operations in Canada.” “

There’s not enough IP that exists in the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, or France to make a whole patent portfolio that large,” he noted.

“So, we really believe that our IP will be there to support our operations in Canada.”

Schilling noted that he and his co-founders, Mark Osterloh and Tim Schiller, have made it a point to develop their businesses in Canada in order to have access to high-quality patents.

“Our focus is on making sure we’re bringing IP to the table in the best way possible,” he explained.

“For us, our focus has been on finding the right IP for our business, and that’s been what we’re doing in Canada now.”

Schiller told Axiom he hopes to open a research lab in Canada and is open to working with other Canadian companies to help build out their patent portfolios.

“I’ve been very fortunate to have a team of people that have been very helpful to me, that have done a lot of work on this business,” he acknowledged.

“What we have to do is figure out how to build a team, and it’s very difficult to do in Canada at the moment.”

Axiom has launched in Canada with the goal of making it easier for companies to create and sell patent portfolios to the public.

“Axiom is the world’s first publicly traded patent licensing company that allows companies to sell patent portfolio to the Canadian marketplace,” the company stated in a statement.

“Its patented portfolio allows companies that want to sell patents to get in front of a larger pool of potential customers, and enables companies to generate revenue by generating income through the sale of patents.”

The Axiom website says the company has raised $1.2 million in a Series B round, which it said is part of the $10 million it has raised to date.

“Today, Axiom provides more than 1,000 patent portfolio companies with a unique combination of unique patent portfolios and patented technology that enables them to offer high quality, high value patents for their products and services,” Axiom said in its statement.

Aximos patent portfolio includes technologies such as cloud computing, virtual reality, wearable devices, cloud computing for energy, mobile computing, and the Internet of Things.

Axismos portfolio includes more than 700 patent applications and patents in more than 170 countries, and more than 3,000 patents worldwide.

Schiller said Axiom also wants to be a global player