How to make your next movie sound like an Oscar campaign

If you’re one of the millions of people who’ve been searching for the perfect movie sound track, you’ve probably been scouring the internet for inspiration.

From the sounds of the movies we saw in movies like Avatar to the mood of The Social Network, you might have a soundboard.

Here are 10 great sounding movie soundtracks for 2017.1.

“We’re not a race” by The StrokesThis soundtrack for the new Disney Channel series, We’re Not a Race, is the first time the band has released a soundtrack.

It is a love song to an American city that is overrun by African Americans and other minority groups.

It’s about a young African American woman who’s trying to escape from her abusive family and find hope in a new city.

It contains catchy and uplifting piano melodies that fit perfectly with the moody, black-and-white drama.

The track is available now on iTunes and Amazon.2.

“Loyalty” by the National by Nelly by Nellie by N-E-L-O-N (Nelly)Loyal is the second track on the soundtrack to the new NBC comedy series Nelly.

The show is a parody of the political drama, and Nelly’s voice and guitar riff give the song a bit of a musical flavor.3.

“Garden State” by Beyoncé (Beyonce)This soundtrack to Beyoncé’s self-titled album is another parody of political politics.

It features the song “Gorgeous” by TLC.

The song contains catchy, upbeat piano melodies.

It sounds a bit like the song from the 2014 film, In the Heart of the Sea, which stars Angelina Jolie.4.

“My Name is a Stranger” by Jay Z (Jay Z)This track by Jay-Z is the third track on his upcoming album, Runaway.

The title track is a cover of “I’ll Be There,” by the Roots.5.

“In the Dark” by Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber)This song from Justin Bieber’s upcoming album is one of his most well-known covers.

It plays during the opening sequence of the movie.6.

“I Feel it Coming” by Pharrell Williams (Pharrell Williams)This cover of Pharrell’s “I Wanna Dance” is one part of the film’s theme song.

Pharrell, a member of The Neptunes, is a big supporter of the election.

He plays the lead in the film.7.

“Sugar Free” by Alicia Keys (Keys)Another popular cover of the song, “Sugaree” by Keys is one in the soundtrack of the upcoming film, Runaways.8.

“Pump Up the Volume” by John Legend (John Legend)This tune from John Legend’s new album is a song that is a staple in rap.

It has an upbeat and infectious rhythm.

This song is available on Spotify and is available for free download.9.

“It’s Alright Ma” by Kanye West (Kanye West)This remix of the Kanye West song “S.O.S.” is a favorite of rappers.

It was featured in his upcoming movie, We Are the Champions.10.

“Hands Up” by Taylor Swift (Taylor Swift)This one from Taylor Swift’s upcoming film is a tune from her recent album, Reputation.

It includes an upbeat piano line and a chorus that has a great flow.