Pornhub to merge with Yahoo News and Buzzfeed for advertising

Pornhub will merge with the search giant in an effort to make money, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

The move comes after Yahoo News announced it was cutting ads from its homepage, which had long been the primary source of advertising revenue for the online news company.

The new deal with Pornhub means Pornhub ads will now appear in Yahoo News content as well.

In addition to the merged company, Pornhub also announced it would also buy Buzzfeed, the news and video site founded by former Gawker Media executive Nick Denton.

The acquisition is worth about $300 million.

“As the company that brings you the hottest adult content on the Internet, it’s important to us to invest in our brands, and this deal gives us the opportunity to do just that,” said Pornhub CEO and co-founder John Stanton in a statement.

“Together, we’re going to be a global leader in adult content.”

Buzzfeed has a larger audience than the other two sites, with more than 13 million daily users, according the WSJ.

The company has more than 8.2 million subscribers.