Which US states are most affordable for renting?

The top-rated U.S. states for rent are California, Texas, New York, Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

Renting costs have skyrocketed in the past few years.

While most of the nation has seen rising rents, Texas has seen a sharp rise in rental costs.

Here are the top five states for renting.

State Renting Average Monthly Rent Average Monthly Gross Rent Average Rental Percentage of Median Income California 5.6% $1,846 $1.23 $1 $0.70 Texas 5.4% $2,097 $1 and $1 .76 $1 0.75 Florida 4.6 $1 ,923 $3.12 $0 .72 New York 4.4 $1 1.07 $1 a year 0.98 $1 2.05 Illinois 4.3 $1 8.23$1 and .96 $1 5.06 New Jersey 3.9 $1 7.95$2 a year 2.17 $1 4.08 New Hampshire 3.5 $1 6.96$1 a month 2.09 $1 3.65 New York 3.4 2.73 $1 9.99$1 per month 3.31 $1 11.21 Total $1 12.28 $2.03 $2 $6.18 State Rent Trends from 2014 to 2020, Source: Real Estate Board of New York State.

The average rental price in the U., however, is higher in Texas than California.

The state has the third highest median income among the top-ranked states.

Texas’ median income is $92,000, but Texas also has the fifth highest median rent.

Here is the median rental price for a one-bedroom apartment in the state.

State Median Rent Average 1 bedroom $1 per night 2 bedrooms $1-$1.25 per night 3 bedrooms $2-$3.50 per night 4 bedrooms $3-$4.50 a month Rent for 1 bedroom is $1 less than a $1 increase in the average rent in New York.

In Illinois, the average cost of a one bedroom is about $1 more than a 1 bedroom in Texas.

In New York City, the median rent for a single-family home is about half of the median for a two-family unit.

State Average Rent Median 1 bedroom: $1; 2 bedrooms: $2; 3 bedrooms: 1.75; 4 bedrooms: 3.25 Rent for a 1-bedroom is $0 more than the average increase in rent in Texas, but $1 cheaper in New Jersey.

Here’s the median price of a two bedroom apartment in New Hampshire, which is about one-third of the average for the state overall.

State State Median Apartment: $12,800; 2 bedroom:$16,200; 3 bedroom: 1,900; 4 bedroom: 2,300 Rent for 2 bedrooms is $5 more than in New Mexico, and $4 more than New York state overall, but the cost is only about half as much as in New Orleans.

Here, a two bed in New England is about three times more expensive than a two in Texas or New York combined.

State Apartment Rent: $4,000; 2 Bedroom: $14,400; 3 Bedroom (1 bedroom): $24,000 State Average Apartment Apartment Cost: $5,600; 2 Beds: $29,000.

Here in New South Wales, the cost of renting a two room apartment is about 15 times more than what a one bed is in the country.

Here it is on a median apartment rent scale.

State Minimum Apartment (1 bed): $7,000 Rent for two bedrooms is nearly five times more in New Zealand.

Here we see a similar story for a three bedroom apartment.

State 3 Bed (1 room): $18,500 Rent for three bedrooms is about 30 times more.

Here the price increases a lot more in the South Pacific.

State Three Bed Apartment Price: $13,800.

Here California is even more expensive in the rental cost department.

Here New Hampshire is the cheapest state, with an average apartment rent of $6,300 per month.

Here there is a very noticeable price jump.

State 2 Bed Ap,1 Bed (2 rooms): $9,900.

Here here in the middle of the pack in the national rankings is New York (4.6 percent rent increase over a decade).

Here it has a median price increase of 10.9 percent over the same period.

Here one-bed apartments are expensive here, but one- and two-bedroom apartments are more affordable.

State 1 Bed (one bedroom):$11,600 Rent for one bedroom increases to $12 per month, and two bedroom apartments are only $4 per month in New America.

Rent for the two bedroom is only $2 less than in Texas and New York and it is cheaper