Top ten websites to avoid if you’re looking to get rid of your ad blocker

Advertisers have long been using cookies to track visitors’ behaviour, which could be used to target them with targeted ads.

But new research from Google has found that some sites are more likely to be used by malware than others, and that those using malware are more often than not also using ad blocking software.

According to the research, sites that use malware to track users’ browsing behaviour are: 1.

Facebook – 47.4% 2.

Google Search – 45.5% 3.

Twitter – 43.5 3.


– 37.5 4.

Google Adsense – 35.7 5.

Bing – 33.9 6.

Reddit – 30.1 7.

eBay – 29.9 8.

Bing Ads – 28.5 9.

Instagram – 27.3 10.

Bing Adsense Advertiser List – 27 9.

Adblock Plus – 25.1 The research also found that of the 10 most-used sites, eight of them were in the “malware” category.

AdBlock Plus has long been touted as a free alternative to ad blockers, which is why it’s also popular with Google and Facebook users.

But it is now the most-recommended ad blocker by Google users, with more than two thirds of them recommending it.

Ad Block Plus is free, but if you use a paid plugin, you’ll need to install AdBlock.

This means that it will only work with your current ad blocker.

However, if you disable your ad blockers on these 10 sites, they will not block adverts from those sites.

Google says it’s working to get its ad blockers back on the market, but has not yet announced any plans for a permanent fix.