Why Google is making its free ads available to other search engines

Google is introducing free advertising to a variety of search engines this week.

Google says it will make the ad available on the following sites and services:Free ads are available for any search result that is eligible to show them, including those that have not been paid for in the past.

The ad will be available to anyone who clicks on a link, or clicks on the banner above it, and then clicks on one of the pages that appear.

Google said the ads will be made available to a wide variety of websites and services. 

For example, if you search for “fitness,” the ads might show you a video on Fitocracy, the website where people compete to win prizes for their best workouts.

Or, if your search includes “finance,” the ad might show a list of financial sites where you can buy your next mortgage, or a list with credit scores.

If you search “fashion,” Google might show an ad that shows a fashion website for women, or an ad for an online store that sells designer clothing.

For example:If you look up “cute baby gear,” Google could show you an ad with cute baby gear.

And, if there is a free ad for a product, it might show it.

Google has also begun giving free ads to other online search engines.

Search engine Bing already gives you ads for videos and pictures, as well as ads for music and books.

Google has also started offering ads to Yahoo, AOL and Microsoft, but it will be a while before the company’s free ads are everywhere.

Google’s announcement follows a similar one from Facebook last week, which said it will give its search engine free ads.

Facebook has long offered ad-free access to its search results, which are usually displayed on sites like YouTube, YouTube Red and Bing.

The move comes after Google said it would start offering ad-blocking and advertising tools to other companies in the coming months.

Facebook, for example, is planning to offer free advertising for its video-sharing platform, Instagram, as part of its plans to make video streaming more popular.

Google already allows companies like Facebook to offer ads on its search, but Google said the tools it was announcing today will allow companies to offer more personalized ads for specific pages.

For instance, if a company wants to run an ad on a page that includes a product it sells, for instance, it could offer ads to the products themselves, or the product’s page.

The ads could be targeted to specific groups, or to specific people.

The new free ad program will also allow Google to continue to provide its search service free of charge, but that may be a step too far.

If Google can charge businesses for ad space on its platform, it will do so.

And that would mean that some companies would be forced to pay up for ads.

For Facebook, the decision to open up its ad-blocker tools to others in the future is a win.

Facebook said the new program is a way for the company to “build on the strength of its ad network and offer more compelling ads to advertisers.”

The decision to give advertisers more control over the ads they see on its platforms comes as the company has faced criticism from its users.

In April, the company removed ads from Google’s search results after the search giant refused to give the company more control in ads.

In June, Google also cut ads from Facebook’s search service.