Which words are most common in the dictionary?

The word “trouble” is among the most common words used in the English language.

The dictionary lists three examples of words commonly used in American English, as follows: “The way it is,” “to be,” and “is the way it should be.”

The dictionary defines “trousers” as “a loose-fitting, loose-fitted shirt or shirt.”

It defines “dinner” as a “satisfying meal that is eaten together, rather than separately.”

The dictionary also includes “foolish” as one of the words that it considers “common.”

The word has been used as a noun in American and British English, but is also sometimes used in reference to someone who is “a fool” or who has “the misfortune to be” an American.

“It’s just a funny word, and it’s been around for a while,” says Christopher L. Loughlin, an associate professor of linguistics at Georgia State University.

“We all say it.

And I think it’s a pretty harmless thing to say.”

What are the most frequently used words?