Which countries spend the most on ads?

We are constantly bombarded with advertisements on social media.

From mobile phones to video games, our attention spans are constantly on us.

However, when it comes to social media advertising, many countries spend more than the average.

Here’s what we know: 1.

Denmark spends more on social advertising than any other country.

Denmark has the second-highest number of people who watch ads on social networks.


Switzerland spends the most money per capita on social ads.

It also has the highest number of Facebook users per capita.


Belgium spends more money on social and mobile ads than any of the other European Union countries.


Netherlands spends the second highest amount of money on mobile ads per capita, with nearly 1.5 million Facebook users.


France spends the least on social marketing, but the most ad spending in the world.


Russia spends the next most on social ad, spending only $3.5 billion per year.


United Kingdom spends the fifth-lowest amount on social spending.


Spain spends the sixth-highest amount on ads on mobile phones.


Italy spends the lowest amount of ad dollars on social network ads.


France and Germany spend the least.

This article originally appeared on Newsweek.com