How to buy tickets for the Giants vs. Eagles game without paying for ads

If you want to watch your favorite team’s games on the big screen, the NFL is here to help.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell announced Tuesday that it will be possible to buy premium seats for NFL games online without having to pay for advertising.

The new policy allows fans to watch games on any device with a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

The league announced the change with a statement Monday.

It also confirmed that NFL Network will continue to offer its online broadcast of NFL games for free.

Goodell said he was pleased to see the change in the industry because it “allows fans to be as immersed in the game as they can be and enjoy the entertainment, the game and the drama of the game for free.”

Goodell noted that the NFL has “long been the most active and innovative” of the five major professional sports leagues.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell speaks at the 2017 American Football Coaches Conference in Nashville, Tenn., Feb. 24, 2019.

“We are excited to continue the growth of our relationship with our fans, and we look forward to continuing to innovate and build upon this relationship for years to come,” Goodell said.

The NFL is the only major professional league in the world to offer a free digital streaming service for NFL game broadcasts.

The service,, allows fans the chance to watch live streaming video and text-based analysis of the games, as well as a curated schedule of games. is a standalone streaming service that allows viewers to watch NFL games on-demand or in the comfort of their homes.

Goodell announced in December that the league will begin rolling out a mobile app in 2018 that will allow fans to stream games on smartphones, tablets and other devices.