#FREEAGENT: UK to be the only country to be free from adverts for a year

A year ago, the UK was one of the first countries in the world to launch its own social network called “Twitter” that has since been embraced by millions of people across the globe.

However, this has also been a time of massive change for the internet and the country has been at the forefront of a social media revolution that has seen the likes of Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat all compete for users’ attention.

Today, Twitter announced a plan to shut down its advertising revenue to the UK by 2020, a move that will see it lose more than one billion pounds (1.8 billion Euros) a year.

This will see the platform lose a significant amount of revenue in a very short period of time.

What are the changes?

Twitter is ending its advertising income to the country in 2020 The UK has been the centre of a massive social media transformation, thanks to the growth of its tech sector.

Its success is due to its strong investment in research and development and the growth in digital advertising.

Twitter has also taken on a leadership role in social media and has been a major player in the digital advertising market.

This is where the company’s social network is heading: Twitter has been in the process of shutting down its ad revenue to Great Britain.

The announcement came from the company on Twitter’s blog.

“We have announced that from 1 July 2020, we will cease all advertising revenue from our worldwide network to Great England,” the blog reads.

“As part of our commitment to making Twitter a more diverse, inclusive, and accessible platform, we have made significant changes to our business in the UK.”

In total, Twitter will end its advertising business in 2020.

This change means that the company will no longer be able to advertise in the English speaking world, as it does in the rest of the world.

This could impact its ability to target advertisements to specific demographics in the future.

As a result, the company is now going to take a cut of the ad revenue that it collects in the United Kingdom.

The move is expected to result in a loss of more than 1.8 million pounds a year to Twitter.

Twitter’s UK operation is expected shut down in 2020 Twitter has already announced that it will be closing down its social media operations in the country.

This has seen a massive shift in the way that the platform operates in the wake of this decision.

The company is planning to spend its money elsewhere Twitter will be shutting down the social media service in 2020, with plans to focus its attention on other areas.

This move is likely to have an impact on the growth and development of its business in other parts of the UK.

The decision comes just days after the UK government announced a number of changes to its advertising rules.

The changes will see that businesses in the advertising space will have to pay more to advertise on Twitter, as well as requiring companies to offer more targeted advertising.

This means that businesses will have fewer advertising opportunities, with advertisers now only having to pay Twitter to advertise.

“The UK has a proud history of providing innovative social media advertising, with the largest network of advertisers in the EU,” Twitter’s director of communications, Mark Danton, said in a statement.

“This new plan will make it easier for us to serve more users and advertisers, and to increase our revenue from the adverts we receive in the marketplace.

The change to the rules will mean more opportunities for advertisers, so that we can continue to deliver the best experience to our users.”