Which advertising services are best?

eCommerce ad tech startup Free Online Ads says it has secured the top spot on the UK’s ‘Top 5 Advertisers’ list for 2017, after taking the top prize in its bid to help advertisers sell more to UK consumers.

The firm’s chief executive, John Bower, said it had secured its spot in the top five after securing $10 million from a $15 million Series B funding round in March.

Mr Bower said Free Online Ad’s strategy was to be “the go-to ad tech platform” for the UK and had achieved this by “delivering more ads than any other company in the industry”.

He said the firm had a “global reach, global reach with more than 300 million UK customers and a global revenue stream of $20 billion in 2017”.

The UK-based company has secured its position in the “Top 5 Advertising Companies” for 2017 with $10.5 million in funding.

“Our mission is to help UK businesses, advertisers and consumers by offering the best ad tech solutions and the best technology to sell to them,” Mr Bower added.

Free Online Ads is one of the few ad tech firms that is currently trading on a stock market.

It was acquired by digital agency A.R.M. in October, and Mr Bowers was later appointed chief executive.

He said Free’s platform would be able to provide a range of ad tech products and services, including ad exchange platforms, automated email delivery and automated email marketing tools.

He said free online advertising was “the only one” that could deliver that “unmatched reach” to the UK.

Free has a global reach, with more then 300 million British customers and global revenue of $ 20 billion in 2016.

Mr JBower said the UK- based company was the only ad tech company that was able to deliver that reach on a per user basis, while other companies such as ad exchange platform AdExchange.com had lower reach.

“Free Online Ad has made a huge difference in the UK,” he said.

Free Online Advertising said it was able with its existing network of agents to sell ads on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, which it described as “digital giants”.

The company said it would “continue to scale and scale”, adding that it had “sustained a steady growth for the past three years”.

“It’s great to see Free Online ad achieving such great success,” Mr JBowers said.