How to Get More Paid Content on YouTube (with help from YouTube ads)

The free content world is about to get a little bit easier for all content creators.

The world’s leading search engine has announced plans to make the monetization of video ads available to any video that has more than 1 million views in a month.

This is the first major update to YouTube’s ad-free video platform since Google announced its intention to add paid search ads to YouTube last year.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer this feature to video creators in the U.S. and around the world,” said John Rose, vice president of advertising at YouTube.

“This is a great first step in our evolution towards becoming the world’s premier destination for video content.”

YouTube’s move to make monetization on its platform available to YouTube creators is expected to be welcomed by content creators and advertisers alike.

The feature has long been available to those who have monetized videos with a paid subscription, but it was limited to paid video, and only available to videos with over 1 million total views.

This change is the result of years of testing and feedback from content creators, and YouTube hopes to make it more available to other types of content creators as well.

YouTube has said that the feature is expected “to add new ways for creators to reach their audiences and increase their ad revenue.”

The move comes after the YouTube Content Creators Alliance, which includes YouTube, Google, Facebook, and others, launched a pilot program to offer monetization to videos of up to 1 million subscribers.

YouTube’s first monetization pilot, called the YouTube Music Trial, allowed creators to earn revenue from videos with 1 million or more views.

The trial program, however, was not a success, and the group ultimately decided to take the approach of offering paid search ad placement to videos up to 500,000 subscribers.

Advertisers that are willing to pay to show ads to a YouTube video with 1.5 million views or more will be able click on a button on the video’s page to view ads.

YouTube will then display ads for the videos on their own channel or on a platform such as YouTube Play.

The move to monetize YouTube video ad placement is the latest effort by YouTube to get more paid content on its video platform.

YouTube previously allowed creators of videos with more than a million views to pay for videos to have ads on the platform.

As part of its efforts to get paid content, YouTube has launched a series of paid videos on its YouTube Music Video site.

This includes videos featuring music that is available to buy, with the exception of the popular hit, “Love,” which has a free trial.

The free trial videos feature a sample song, and can be viewed on YouTube.

The first two free YouTube Music videos are “Frozen” and “Merry Christmas.”

YouTube Music Videos have generated more than 20 million views, and they are a significant part of the platform’s growth.

According to YouTube, the number of paid YouTube Music video videos is growing at an average of 18% per month.